Arthritis is a very common disease that causes severe and regular pain in joints. Joint dislocation, stiffness, redness, excessive warmth, swelling and difficulty in moving the joints are the general symptoms of this disease. These joint pains often cause the patient to be lazy and always wanting to sleep or have rest but for a healthy and stress- free lifestyle, the patients need to be active while performing all his daily activities and routinely chores so as to make sure that his physical as well as mental health gets least affected by this disease. There are some ways by which a person suffering from arthritis can stay more active and lead a happily healthy life and these ways are-

Ways to stay active with Arthritis

1) Go slow while getting out of bed– Arthritis can show its paining effects early in the morning only when people try to get out of their beds in a hurry. Instead of this, the persons suffering from arthritis should come out of their beds very slowly so that they give least disturbance to their joints. When they are up, they should turn to their side, lower down their legs and feet on the ground so that their torso itself gets pulled up without applying any stress on the joints.

2) Get involved in recreational activities– Sitting idle all the time in the name of rest and thinking about the stress giving joint pains won’t do any good to your health. Instead the people suffering from arthritis should take part in family recreational activities that do not need any tiring physical activity like playing video games and other indoor games.

3) Plan for road trips or outings– Sitting or being at home won’t do any good in lessening the stress and tensions of having arthritis because the patient is already suffering from the physical pains. So such patients should plan for more road trips, outings in the lap of nature, family trips and occasional journeys so that they can remain out of their stress ad worries of pains.

4) Yoga and Regular exercise– Following a particular exercising routine and opting for regular yoga sessions is often advised to arthritis patients by doctors for their healthy and happy routines. This would make their pains come at a stable ease plus they will feel more energetic and ready- to- go for their daily chores without feeling their pains.

5) Start healthy reading– Arthritis patients should give more time in leisure activities while giving their joints the much desired or the much needed rest. They should start reading good books, novels or short stories for a healthy time pass while resting instead of thinking about the stress- giving pains.