If you have gone through with a hip replacement surgery then it’s important for you to take care of some basic things and activities that help your recovering faster and smoother. However the rate of complications in hip replacement surgery is comparatively low, some 2 percent but still you need to be careful of that.

The most usual cause of infection befalls when bacteria enter the circulation during dental processes, urinary area infections or skin infections as well. Hence it’s necessary that after your surgery you must take antibiotics prior having any dental work or surgical process done.

Physical Therapy

To assist you strengthen your hip joint, it is suggested that you do small exercises such as tightening and losing the muscles in your legs, ankle pumps and buttocks.

Length of Stay

If you have gone through the minimally invasive two-incision hip surgery, you need to stay at least one day in the hospital.  In case of primary total hip replacement you may stay in the hospital up to three days.

Planning for Going Home

Most of the patients after hip replacement surgery go home after leaving the hospital. But if you are in that condition then you should plan ahead and arrange for family or friends to drive you home from the hospital.

  • If you live alone: -look for a family member, or friend who is ready and capable to take time off work to help you for at least four to five days.
  • Help at home: -There are some homecare agencies that can also help you at your care. They can provide “home health aides” whenever needed.

The physical and professional therapists will estimate you post-operatively and support the doctors to control what level of therapy you need.

  • Home with physical therapy (PT) – specialist coming to your home two to three times a week
  • Rehabilitation Hospitals- for those who the therapist and doctors feel require three hours every day of physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT).
  • Skilled nursing facilities- for those who need PT but no longer need to be in the hospital and do not qualify for inpatient rehabilitation.

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