Joint replacement Surgery is a surgical procedure done by expert joint replacement surgeon in Delhi to remove and replace a damaged joint with joint implant which is an artificial prosthesis consider by joint replacement surgeon one other treatment alternatives do not offer any relief from pain.

Dr L Tomar has performed more than 10,000 joint surgeries including Hip & Knee Replacement procedures, considered a best joint replacement surgeon in delhi.

Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery in Delhi

One has to keep following preoperative considerations in mind

  1. The overall metabolic & cardiac condition should be good, including blood pressure & blood sugar. Healthy body recover faster if it is in good shape.
  2. Before the joint replacement surgery, one must discuss & inform the medications currently one is taking. One may require to temporarily discontinued some medicines that your joint surgeon will be able to advice better.
  3. One must discuss all information about cost of procedure, number of days stay, discharge & post joint replacement surgeon do and don’ts. The clarity about cost of best joint replacement surgery in delhi, medications, diet, special exercise,¬† one should have beforehand.
  4. The time needed for complete rehabilitation. After the joint replacement procedure & complete recovery one can live a normal life with active life style. The major part of joint replacement surgery is back to normal lifestyle with right rehabilitation programs which comprises physiotherapy &  exercises to restore strength and mobility to operated joint.

Consult Dr L Tomar for right and specific preoperative planning for your joint condition and which type of joint procedure is right fo your case.