Osteoporosis refers to that body defect in which the bones of the human being become weak and have more chances of breakage. Usually this defect has no symptom or pain. This disease does not come to the notice until there is breakage of the bone [fracture]. The fracture usually occurs in wrist, hip and the spine of the human body.

Women are more prone to this disease:

Osteoporosis can occur at any age to any person. But there are more chances in the woman to get affected by the Osteoporosis, as compared to the men. There are many people around us who are suffering from this defect. And had the high risk of it but have no knowledge or any idea that they had such a thin and the weak bones.

First symptom of the Osteoporosis- unnoticed one

Daily activity or movements such as picking up the grocery bag or items can lead to bone breakage, due to slip or fall in the park or the street can breakage of the bone of the hip. The interesting fact is that generally people are not aware that this will cause the serious defect of the Osteoporosis.

Awareness regarding the frequency of the Osteoporosis is important for prevention and for long-term health.

Generally, men are having larger bones as compared to the women. Men are having greater reserves of the bone mass that can be drawn as they get aged. This also refers to slow bone loss progress in the man. Man does not feel the rapid rate of the bone loss as experienced by the women after the menopause.

Risk factor due to which bone loss occurs in the men and also the causes of fractures in male includes the following:

  • Due to increase in the age of the human being.
  • Sometime the reason behind this defect is the heredity. The disease passes from generation to generations.
  • Due to certain kind of drugs [ e.g.- due to excessive replacement of the thyroids, certain therapies of the cancer]
  • Chronic disease which specifically affects the kidney, lung, joints of the body, intestine and also alter the hormonal level in the human body.
  • Unhealthy habits and bad lifestyle.
  • Small frame of the body.
  • Sex hormone testosterone in low level and which remains undiagnosed.
  • Habit of excessive smoking, alcohol etc.
  • Lack or inadequacy of the physical exercise.
  • Lower intake of the calcium and Vitamin-D or nutrients in the body.
  • Usually it has been noticed that white man are at the greatest risk for this defect of osteoporosis.