Some of the surgeries are really tough and people doubt their success rate and amongst such kind of surgeries hip replacement surgery is one of them.  This is a surgical process in which the surgeon replaces hip joint by a prosthetic implant. Hip replacement surgery can be done in two forms such as in total replacement or a hemi (half) replacement. These kinds of joint  replacement surgeries is a major part of orthopedic surgery and  is usually done to relieve patients from severe arthritis condition or to improve some hip fractures. There are many patients who are old aged and suffering from severe conditions of arthritis and also having chronic hip or groin pain and these pains are so serious that it can keep the patient awake at night too. To get rid of the problem one can opt for such kinds of surgeries.

The Process Undergone

In medical terms the hip replacement surgery is also known as hip arthroplasty or hip hemiarthroplasty, hip replacement and this kind of surgery is performed very commonly these days but indeed this is a major surgical procedure under an experienced orthopedic surgeon who replaces the painful hip-joint with an artificial hip-joint an successfully remove the damaged head of the thighbone which is called as femur and replaces the hip’s ball-and-socket with artificial implants made with steel or other metals. The surgery considerably relieves the pain and it is known as a major surgery that can improve a patient’s flexibility and can also improve the capacity to perform daily activities as it can reduce pain and inflammation from the hip joints and also affect the overall condition of the lower body that eventually affect a person lifestyle.

Advantages and Benefits

People who are suffering from arthritis and are not getting any positive results from the painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs can consult their orthopedic surgeon about the surgery and there are many times when physiotherapy and exercises do not work and they can definitely get helped from the surgery.  The surgery can help the patients who are above age of 70 and even people who are of 90 years of age can also get benefitted from the surgery. So, we can say that the surgery do not limit to any age barrier but can be performed at a younger age also.

There are many patients who have had successful hip replacement surgery and these days the advancements are also getting better and the surgeons are successfully performing computer-assisted implant placement that help to place the replacement implant in the accurate position and also help the surgeon to use the devices well.

 The Several Benefits

  • The surgery is a successful step to reduce or remove arthritis hip pain.
  • The best part of the surgery is that it can let you sleep peacefully at night as arthritis pain can hit majorly at nights as the patients suffer from it while keeping awake overnight.
  • The surgery can help the patient to get back the normal hip function with much comfort and gain back the normal function of the hips.
  • The surgery can help a patient get his or her lost mobility and can restart their lost normal body functioning  such as using a toilet seat, getting up on the stairs, putting on shoes, sitting on a chair and many others.