With more and more younger patients opting for total hip replacement surgery in Delhi, it becomes mandatory to look for reasons that make joint replacement suitable for the young generation.

First of all, let’s find reasons for hip surgery and we see that there are three primary reasons for hip surgery.

  1. Osteoarthritis
    It is a degenerative disease of joints and it worsens over time. It causes stiffness accompanied by chronic pain in the affected joint.
  2. Congenital deformities
    It is a change in the normal shape and size of a joint at the time of birth. And some people are born with this condition.
  3. Avascular necrosis
    It is degeneration of bone tissue due to lack of proper blood supply. It could also happen due to a fracture in a joint.

Since a joint problem could develop at any age, younger people could also require hip surgery. But it wasn’t recommended a couple of years back when only sedentary patients were considered suitable for hip replacement surgery in Delhi.

So, what made hip surgery suitable for younger people?

It is a medical advancement that made hip surgery suitable for the young generation. For example, a young man needs not undergoing total joint replacement when resurfacing the affected joint could work for him. And he could lead a long, happy, and healthy life after his joint surgery.

If you ask a hip replacement surgeon in Delhi about the efficacy of joint surgery in younger people, he will share details of a study conducted on 900 patients who had hip surgery just one year back. And 94% of them said that they returned to their normal life after recovering from the surgical treatment.

The average age of patients selected for the study was 49 and they all had a total replacement or resurfacing surgeries to cure joint pain. If you have joint inflammation and pain and you are also young then you can consider surgical treatment.

Discuss hip joint replacement surgery cost and other important things with your surgeon before making an opinion on the treatment. You can delay surgery if the pain is bearable and it has little impact on your daily activities. But you shouldn’t delay surgery if the pain is restricting your mobility.

Post-surgery, you will get rid of chronic joint pain and stiffness for a long time that is up to two decades or longer depending on your lifestyle and upkeep of the replaced joint.