It is normal to think ourselves helpless when we are aged. This case is general with people having joint problems. But thinking that a knee replacement surgery cannot benefit at old age, is simply inefficient. A study in theĀ Archives of Internal MedicineĀ has indicated even osteoarthritis patients of age of 75 and older seem to be having maximum benefits particularly from joint replacement surgery.


The researchers monitored 174 elderly patients with complicated knee or hip osteoarthritis average age 75 for 12 months, evaluating them at six weeks, six months, and one year. During that period, 29% of them mean a number of 47 people had joint replacement surgery. Though most of them took quite a long term to recover but the long-term results were less pain and infirmity.

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No deaths were found, but difficulties such as an infection or a blood clot. It is found in the lungs in about 17%, and 38% of people had pain for longer than a month. On the other hand, normally, those who had surgery used to be walking in less than two weeks and expected doing housework after seven weeks. Their marks on a typical scale measuring pain and activity had improved 50% at the 12-month follow-up. Many of them felt that they have made the right decision to have the surgery. The patients over 75 had same profits and recovery as those in the age from 65 to 74 years.

Most of the people who opted out of surgery conveyed fears about the surgery and about recovery too. But the survey clearly proposes that elderly people with complicated osteoarthritis should at least discuss about the joint replacement surgery with their doctor. While there have been excessive improvements in medical technology, a positive outcome is expected by the patient’s attitude and readiness to do the essential therapy.

It simply depends upon the patient to find and follow an exercise program that has already shown proven results. Correspondingly finding a trainer or mentor is also important who has a positive attitude toward recovery from knee surgery and can teach anyone the same conviction. Dr L Tomar