So, you are going for total hip replacement surgery in Delhi and want to know how things will move post-surgery. Replacing damaged hips will bring a positive change in your life. You will start a new life where there will be no pain or suffering in the hips.

Advance planning

Before you go for surgery, you should make some changes in your home so that you don’t have to face difficulties in using your new hips. For example, you would need a good chair that could support your movements. Similarly, you need to remove loose rugs and fasten electric cords that could create obstacles in your balanced movement.

Before hospital discharge

You will remain under the supervision of your hip replacement surgeon in Delhi for quite some time post-surgery. Here you will be trained in using the new hips that are artificial but that work like original hips. The hospital staff will assist in mastering your daily chore like walking using a cane, using the bathroom, putting on clothes, sitting, eating, and drinking without losing your balance.

At discharge

Before you are discharged from the hospital, the staff will educate you on everything that could be of any help in taking care of your replaced hips. For example, they will monitor your movements and make corrections. Also, they will alert you about possible complications, symptoms of complications, and treatment.

At home

Since you have already made necessary changes at home, you won’t have any difficulty in starting your new life post hip replacement surgery in Delhi. You will follow the prescription of your doctor to remain safe. Also, you will see whether the new joints have an infection. Your training for a new life will start at home where you will learn to do things with minimum assistance.

Getting back again

Your resting period would last up to six months or longer depending on your condition and ability to jump back to your normal life. Once you are confident that you can start your normal life, you can go back to work, shopping, dining, family gatherings, and parties. But you need to be careful about the replaced joints all the time.

Follow the tips

Your surgeon will give some tips on how to manage life with new hips. For example, you will get a list of things to do and not to do. You need to adhere to that list. The hip joint replacement surgery cost could be high but you will get a good return on the investment.