There are many time when you ignore a swelled knee or a painful joint taking as a normal pain or sprain and you just apply an painkiller ointment on it and that can definitely gives you a temporary relief. But there are many times when joint pains actually do not go away with the painkillers and you look for the root cause behind the killing pain.

When we talk about the term “Osteoarthritis” then it is also known with another name of ‘wear and Tear” and it is a kind of Arthritis that happens when a cartilage move from the joints of the knee or ankle or any other parts. The task of the cartilage is sliding the joints and it may start weakening due to any physical reason and leave you in extreme pain, inflammation, swelling of joints and misshapenness of the area. The pain usually increases when you move or climb up stairs and as you rest the pain slowly fades away.

According to medical researches it has been found that majorly women suffer more than men due the problem and the average comparative ratio is 70:30. As it develops in joints; high risk of fracture of injury is seen with extreme joint pain and swelling.

Cause of the Problem

Till date the actual reason of the problem is not known and the medical experts are still in search to find out the actual cause as there are many mysterious reasons came out during a number of X Rays done with the patients. But X-Rays cannot tell the reason but they can confirm you about the problem presence. The specialty of Osteoarthritis is that it does not limit at a single body part but it can spread throughout the body and affect major all the body joint cartilages which can cause pain in back and arm joints too.

It is has been found that ‘Osteoarthritis is a result of troubled cartilage that fails to function properly in keeping he joints together and it break down and again reconstructed so it is also possible that an ‘Osteoarthritis’ that is diagnosed at a very primary level can be treated with medications and exercises but there are many theories that is relevant to ‘End Stage Osteoarthritis’ where the patient suffer with a stronger pain and other symptoms of the problem and there are many natural remedies and exercises that are claiming that the problems can be solved with dedicated practice.