I was 32 when I was told that I needed a hip replacement to correct a congenital problem since my hip joint had completely degenerated. This diagnosis was made in UK where they offered me a free operation. I chose to come to India instead for the operation for after care. After some amount of doctor ‘shopping’ in Delhi and Kolkata I decided to go for Dr Tomar and his team. The reasons are as follows:

  • He took into consideration my age and offered me what was best for me in the long run. Not all the surgeons offered that!
  • He offered the most up-to date technology: ceramic joint, and an un-cemented joint placement. The later requires some amount of skill and even the surgeons in UK were unable to offer it.
  • His price was reasonable for what he offered.
  • Since I had come from abroad he took utmost care that the hospital environment was as sterile as possible to avoid any risks of infection.

What is also equally important is the after care. Through my stay in the hospital, Dr Tomar and his team took very good care of me. They answered my numerous questions and addressed my concerns. Once I was discharged I went to him for regular check-ups, at times and locations convenient to me. Whenever, I had a concern Dr Tomar has always been available at the end of a phone call.  Therefore, I would highly recommend Dr Tomar if you want to best surgeon, most updated technology and most importantly, peace of mind.

Dr. Sohini Chakrabortee
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research,
MIT, 9 Cambridge Center,
Cambridge, MA 02142, USA.