People get afraid of knee replacement as they think walking will be difficult again. You can dump this idea at once. After knee replacement surgery, if you follow few exercises your knee will get back its strength and also its flexibility. Talk to your surgeon and physical therapist to know how to take care of your artificial knee so that you can get back to your normal life faster. Here are the exercises expert physical trainers suggest-

Straight Leg Lift-

  • Lie back and keep your involved leg straight.
  • Bend your other leg from the knee and try to lift your involved leg up to 6 inches from the ground.
  • Hold it for 10 seconds.
  • Extending your both legs can create immense pressure at your back. Take care of that.

Thigh Squeezes-

  • Lie flat on your back.
  • Tighten the muscles on the front of your thigh by pushing back your knee down toward the floor.
  • Hold the position at the count of five and release. Relax.

Ankle Pumps-

  • Lie flat on your back.
  • Bend both of your ankles up and point your toes toward you.
  • Start rotating your feet clockwise and anti-clockwise without changing the position of your toes.

Leg Slides-

  • Here you also need to lay flat on your back.
  • Slide your legs sidewise, keeping your kneecap pointed upward.
  • Then get back to the starting position.

Prolonged Knee Stretch

  • Sit down on a chair.
  • Try to bend your knees as much as possible.
  • Hold the position for 15-30 seconds.
  • When you get the motion, try to increase stretching and hold the position for 60 seconds.

Knee Bending-

  • Take a chair and sit.
  • Bend your legs so that those reach underneath the chair.
  • Now, bend your knees as much as possible.
  • Hold for five second and relax.

Knee Straightening Stretch-

  • Sit straight on a chair.
  • Place a chair in front of you at opposing facing position (facing towards you).
  • Now, stretch your involved leg on that chair for 10 seconds.
  • Keep your toes relaxed.
  • Bring back your leg to the former position and relax.

Lying Kicks-

  • Lie flat on your back.
  • Keep a rolled blanket under your knee.
  • Keep the lower leg straighten for 5 seconds.
  • Lower your leg and relax.

These are few exercises you can try after knee replacement. But, you can only attain this after consulting your surgeon and under the guidance of physiotherapist.