In your daily life you all must have faced general problems with your hand, fingers, wrist and feet. It can be due to small injuries and also age. Different organs have different importance in your body. Sometimes your hand may burn, feel tired and get stiffness. Hand pain can be caused due to any injury or any disease. De Quervain’s tendinosis is a problem that causes pain on thumb side. Pain in this problem may occur suddenly. If you have this pain, it can be because of following reasons:

  • Making a fist
  • Holding objects
  • Turning the wrist

Swelling can be caused due to pain that occurs due to repetition of activities.

Hand Pain causes

Carpal tunnel syndrome is another problem of pain in hand. This causes pain generally in palm and fingers. You will feel more pain at night than day. It causes weakness and tingling. In this, symptoms are noticed in thumb, middle finger and you will not be able to hold the objects properly.

Fracture is another reason of hand pain. Stiffness, swelling will be there on hand after fracture. You will not be able to move hand and hold objects. There are different types of fractures i.e. simple, complex, compound, comminuted

In simple fracture, the broken bone is stable and you will feel less pain. In complex fracture, you will have more pain as compared to simple one. Compound and comminuted fractures are complicated fractures and are more painful.

Arthritis is also a reason for pain in hand. Arthritis occurs when cartilage is lost, that protects bones and is placed in between bones. It is like a caution between bones. Generally, arthritis occurs in following areas of hand.

  • Base of the thumb
  • Middle joint of one or more fingers
  • Joint near finger tip

Osteoarthritis is also a form of arthritis. It occurs generally because of age. When it affects hand, it causes pain, swelling, stiffness in hand. Treatment is also possible in this like physical therapy, heat, pain killers. In some cases, surgery is also recommended if situation becomes bad.


  • Make a Straight hand then slowly bend your hand and place your thumb outside your hand and make a fist. Open your hand, make the fingers straight and then repeat the process again.
  • Make a straight hand, bend your thumb towards your palm then straighten it. Then bend your index finger towards palm and repeat the full process with each finger. Do it two or three times.
  • Make a straight hand and then bend your thumb towards your pinky finger, hold this position for 10 seconds then straight your thumb to previous position and repeat the process.