Computer Navigated Joint Replacement Surgery in medical science is also known as Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS). This is a surgical concept to perform joint replacement successfully with the help of a computer technology. This systematic and well-organized technology has been used to navigate the position of a joint and to replace/ relocate the same with a computer aided surgery or a computer assisted intervention. A pre-programmed medical concept has been applied here to help the surgeons in completing the operation of a joint replacement where the computerized instructions play a vital role. This computer navigated technology has been applied to reduce the possibility of human errors in replacing a particular joint of the body of a patient.

Computer Navigated Joint Replacement Surgery in Delhi

computer-navigation-technology-delhiAs a common man or a woman you must know about the basics of Computer Navigated Joint Replacement Surgery. Here, this latest technology performs joint replacement by combining the skills of an expert surgeon and the accuracy of the computer. This is now proficiently possible because of recent advances in both – medical science and computers’ world. Experienced medical professionals use 3D images, analyze them, finalize them and implement them on a patient to replace his joint devoid of any hassle. The computer navigation and real-time sensing have been planned and executed to restore joints through surgical methods.

The procedure:   

Medical practitioners prepare a virtual 3D model first, where their knowledge of the surgery existed and is presented with advanced computer assisted programs. Secondly, the body area of the patient, where exactly the surgery is to be made, has been decided with the help of a host of software, which are dedicated for surgical treatment only. When this anatomical region is selected for the operation then surgeons apply computer software or machine tools to test the performance of this 3D model. Ultimately, the surgery has been planned and assessed on the patient’s joint and is completed carefully.

These specialized computer navigated programs generate a digital and surgeon-friendly image of the area where a particular joint replacement is to be implemented. This is not a immobile image however a moving or a dynamic image which moves in various directions so that doctors can complete the surgery accurately from every angle of the anatomical region. When this image is processed in real-time movement then it works like a navigator device to inform each procedure of this surgical concept. This joint replacement surgery navigation tremendously help surgeons and also guides the doctors about how to handle the tools of operation while removing, replacing and restoring a joint inside the surgery room. The computer navigated real-time data assists the surgeon quickly and immediately to complete the joint replacement operation fruitfully. 

Applications and benefits: 

Computer Navigated Joint Replacement Surgery has following field of applications and benefits.

  • This replacement technology is used for high accuracy medical surgeries for patients like ENT surgery, oral surgery, orthopedic surgery, visceral surgery, facial surgery, neuron surgery and radio surgery. 
  • This is extremely helpful for surgeons and also for patients. The rate of difficulty/ risks goes down. 
  • The technology brings surgery on human body joints with smaller incisions, less scarring, less pain, shorter recovery period and short-time hospital stay. 
  • The risks of incorrect prosthetic alignment which was before with joint replacement surgeries, due to human errors, have been eliminated with this latest computer navigated technology. 
  • This is crucial to create less surgical cuts on patients, less blood loss and less embolic occurrences.