What to Expect With an Artificial Knee

Artificial Knee

There are many changes that you must adapt to and manage in the months and years following your surgery and as your new knee does not come with the owner’s manual. Recognize the potential issues...

How to Find Best Joint Replacement Surgeon


Finding the right surgeon, one who has the history of successful knee replacement surgeries will help you to ensure that you are in safe hands and that you will have a successful surgery and recovery....

When to Consider for Knee Replacement Surgery?

When to Consider for Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee osteoarthritis can affect you every movement like walking, climbing stairs, sitting and sometimes even lying down. Surgery can be of great relief in all this condition but doctors always advise t...

Dos and Don’ts To Protect Your New Hip After Hip Replacement Surgery


Dos and don’ts (precautions after hip replacement surgery) vary depending on your hip replacement surgeon technique. Your surgeon and physical therapist will provide you with a list of precautio...

Spinal Problems and its Cause and Diagnosis

Spinal Problems

Do you think when your backrest in the chair it’s too stiff? Are you a software professional and hunching over your computer for hours at stretch? Does your child bend his back while doing his s...

5 Experts Tips to Deal with Arthritis Pain this Winter

Manage Arthritis Pain

Winter is the difficult season for many elderly, especially who is a suffering from the disease like arthritis. The persistence of this common yet painful problem tends, to increase during the winter ...

New Tech on Knee Replacement to Help Old

New Tech on Knee Replacement to Help Old

New Tech on Knee Replacement to Help Old

What are Osteoarthritis and its Treatment


What is osteoarthritis? Sometimes also known as degenerative joint disease or degenerative osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most chronic conditions.   OA can affect any joint of the...

Commonly Asked Question About Total Knee Replacement


When is the right time to go for knee replacement? There is no precise time for determining when you should have a knee replacement. But if you facing enough problem when getting up and answering the ...

Proper recovery after knee replacement surgery

Active Senior Male Stretching

dKnee replacement recovery time can vary depending on the individual and type of surgery carried out. It is important to follow the advice the hospitals advice after the operation is conducted. After ...