How life becomes normal after total hip replacement surgery?


So, you are going for total hip replacement surgery in Delhi and want to know how things will move post-surgery. Replacing damaged hips will bring a positive change in your life. You will start a new ...

Is hip replacement suitable for younger patients?

Shot of an attractive young woman running outdoors with her hip injury highlighted

With more and more younger patients opting for total hip replacement surgery in Delhi, it becomes mandatory to look for reasons that make joint replacement suitable for the young generation. First of ...

How to keep the cost of knee replacement on lower side?


Knee replacement surgery cost in Delhi starts from Rs. 1.25 lac and goes up to Rs. 2.5 lac or higher depending on the quality of implant used and care provided by the hospital. But the good thing is t...

What is the biggest reason for choosing joint replacement surgery?


Before you even think of joint replacement surgery in Delhi, you will want to know the durability of prosthetics. But little do you know that the functionality and life of a hip and knee replacement p...

AAOS Master Class 2020 – Key Presentations and Clinical Case based discussions powered by International Experts from AAOS.


AAOS Master Class 2020 – Key Presentations and Clinical Case-based discussions powered by International Experts from AAOS.

What you should know about the cost of ceramic hip joint?

ceramic hip joint (1)

The cost of the ceramic hip joint could be higher than the traditional metal-and-plastic implants but so is its life and functionality. The traditional implant isn’t long-lasting leading to frequent r...

Why is joint replacement a better option than assisted technologies?


With more and more people opting for joint replacement surgery in Delhi, it becomes necessary to check reasons for many people replacing their joints. It isn’t that it is the latest treatment but tech...

100-yr-old undergoes second hip surgery


NEW DELHI: A 100-year-old patient — a physician himself specialising in cardiology – recently underwent successful hip surgery at a private hospital in city. J C Mehta had slipped and fallen at his r...

Sehat se Khilwad

Rheumatoid Arthritis

UK drug regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has flagged illegal sports supplements and their usage.The products may claim to boost user’s energy or muscle, but th...

On World Arthritis Day, doctors ask India’s elderly to seek timely treatment

World Arthritis Day

Doctors suggest highly nutritious diet, rich in calcium and protein, and less junk food at a young age to prevent arthritis. New Delhi: On World Arthritis Day, doctors say identifying the debilitating...