Doctor before doing any joint replacement surgery generally discuss about the anesthesia and its selection with the patient. The anesthesia which the patient selects will have great influence on the recovery of the patient. Careful consideration and discussion is required with your surgeon and your anesthesiologist before selecting any of them.

There are three types of anesthesia-

  • Local anesthesia- Specific area is numbed with injection, any spray or the ointment which last for short time period. Patient remains conscious in this type of anesthesia. For major surgery of replacement of hip or knee, this anesthesia is used with the combination of other type.
  • Regional anesthesia- Without affecting the brain and breathing of human, this anesthesia blocks the nerves of the specific area of the body.
  • General anesthesia- Used in major surgery it render the person unconscious temporary. It affects the nerve system and the brain.

While selecting anesthesia following factors should be kept in the mind:

  • Any preference or past experience of the patient: If patient had in past had ever given the anesthesia then it is important to know the reaction which the patient had experienced. Along with the patient how other family member’s reacted to anesthesia is also very important.
  • Present health and the physical condition of the person: before surgery it is important to note various physical conditions such as the smoking habit of the patient or over weight problem of the patient etc. All these factors are very significant before selecting the anesthesia. Any other treatment excepting the joint replacement from which the person is going through in present.
  • Any side effects, medication or other supplements: it is important to note whether the patient have any allergy from any substance. Due importance should be given to the any bad side effect which the patient had experienced in the past. Any nutritional supplement which the person is consuming, the medication which are going on or any herbal remedy which the person is presently having are important to give detailed analysis.
  • Involvement of the risk: risk involved depends on several factors such as breathing difficulty of the patient, any allergic reactions or any injury to the nerve. Surgeon and anesthesiologist discuss in detail the risk which depends upon the selection of the anesthesia.
  • Skilled professional surgeon and anesthesiologist: the skills and the experience and the techniques used by the surgeon and anesthesiologist will also play a vital role in the selection of anesthesia.