Just you are done with your knee replacement surgery you may be expecting a back to pavilion lifestyle. However it’s not quite possible, at least for certain period. But if you try to be an active participant in the healing process then it can help you get there sooner with more successful results.

Activities after Joint Replacement Surgery delhi

Most potentially you will be able to resume many activities but try to avoid doing things which could place stress on your knees such as jogging. You have to take care some of the activities before “Hospital Discharge”.

  • Doing movement in and out of bed by yourself
  • An acceptable pain control
  • Getting able to eat, drink, and even use the bathroom
  • Walking with a device like walker, or crutches on a level surface
  • Being able to climb at least two or three stairs up and down as well
  • Being able to do the suggested home exercises
  • Getting acquainted with any knee precautions to prevent injury and ensure proper healing.

In any case you are not being able to encounter with these goals, it will be unsafe for you to have discharge from hospital.

When you get discharged, your healthcare team will offer you the proper information just to support your recovery at home. Even though the complication rate after total knee replacement is lesser but when complications occur they can extend or limit your recovery. Hospital staff will positively discuss all possible complications with your along with reviews including warning signs of an infection or a blood clot as well.

Once you are at home, you need to stay active. The basic for that is not to do too much too soon. You will notice a gradual improvement with time. Normally, the following guidelines will help most:


In case you are not taking pain narcotics any more, it’s safe to drive. Still, your doctor will help you best decide when it is safe to resume driving.

Sexual Activity

Depending on your recovering condition, you will be able to resume sexual activity within some weeks after surgery however consulting with doctor is necessary.

Sleeping Positions

Just safely sleep on your back or on your stomach.

Return to Work

It is totally dependent on the type of work you do in your office and the speed of your recovery.

Sports and Exercise

Continue doing exercises as per the doctor’s prescriptions along with cycling but after two months of the surgery.