Winter is the difficult season for many elderly, especially who is a suffering from the disease like arthritis. The persistence of this common yet painful problem tends, to increase during the winter season due to a cold climate. The symptom of the arthritis is generally seen in the adults who are above the age of 65 years. The cold weather of the winters tends to add the excessive pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints. In fact, there is no permanent solution for this condition, but many health experts suggest some changes in diet and lifestyle to better manage the condition.

As the mercury of the weather thermometer drops the joint aches rise for the people who are suffering from the disease called arthritis. There is no particular science behind cold-related joints aches, is uncertain, but the symptoms g worsen no doubt about that. Some studies suggest that change in the barometric pressure worsen joint pains in people who are suffering from arthritis. Additionally to this the blood circulation becomes limited owing to lack of physical activities during this season. Also, it is found that the blood circulation in the peripheral areas is lesser during the cold season. On the top of it if you spend most of your days at the home during winter the pain could be worse.

  • Stay warm: make use of woolen cloths, jackets, scarf’s, boots etc so that you can keep yourself warm during the winter season by covering a maximum area of your body by warm clothes. Use some support to cover and keep your joints warm. Also, you can make use of heaters to keep the environment warm and cozy.
  • Exercise: the less inactive you are the better your physical functions and better are your joints. Exercise eases arthritic pain. It increases strength, endurance and flexibility in your body and reduces pain. Walking is one of the best exercises one can do. Keep moving at least in your home. If you want to do weight training exercise, do as per your doctor’s advice. The wrong exercise can make your pain worst so take the advice of the physical trainer.
  • Make use of moist heat: moist heat always helps you to ease your arthritis pain. Usually, people indulge in the use of an electric heating pad or hot water bag. But one should be careful and should not use it for long period of time. As if you use it for a longer period you will end up burning your skin. Ideally, you must use the hot pad for the period of 15 – 20 minutes only.
  • Eat healthily: always have balanced diets. Joint pain can be eased by omega -3 fatty acid, vitamin K and vitamin C. you should also avoid omega – 6 fatty acids as it triggers painful inflammation in your body.
  • Stay hydrated: even if you will have mild dehydration in your body it can be very sensitive to pain. When at home because of the cold weather you will not feel like having water, but it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated.